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Low Carb and Paleo Links Page Added

Low Carb and Paleo Links

I added a page of my favorite low carb and paleo links. These sites are also included in my MegaSearch low carb and paleo website search engine.

I Have Rules

For low carb and paleo links to be included on my personal list, they must be active sites (with posts in at least the last six months) and NOT anonymous. There are some prominent sites that, for one reason or another, do not list their author’s name and background. Perhaps they are afraid of recriminations from the low fat advocates, or they are prison inmates compiling a list of meat eaters to victimize when they get out. We simply don’t know, and so I don’t include them.


Low carb and paleo links are separated into six different categories:

  • Medical Sites
  • Researchers
  • Researchers – Other Fields
  • Advocates
  • Personal Sites
  • Recipe Sites

Medical sites on the low carb and paleo links list are those sites with contributions from medical doctors. These authors have actual patient – centered experience in a clinical setting. In other words, if they haven’t said “turn your head and cough” in a professional setting, they aren’t included (what someone does for fun in the privacy of their own home does not matter in this case).

Researchers on the low carb and paleo links list are those sites that generally provide scientific information about the low carb and paleo way of eating, and are authored by people with a degree in a human health related field (physiology, biology, nutrition, etc.)

Researchers from Other Fields sites on the low carb and paleo links list are sites providing scientific information, and are authored by people with degrees not related to human health.

Advocates on the low carb and paleo links list are those sites run by enthusiasts who have contributed through the years to the understanding of issues surrounding human nutrition. This category includes the more commercialized personal sites that have large readership.

Personal Sites appearing on the low carb and paleo links list are often the most enjoyable. These sites are from a wide variety of contributors, some with advanced degrees, giving their personal story, recipes and advice. Others are the inspiring stories of personal triumph.

Recipe Sites … a low carb and paleo links list would not be complete without a section devoted to the low carb or paleo recipe. These sites are primarily about recipes, although many of them also have the personal touch of a personal site.

These categories are not really listed in order of importance. They are categorized to separate out the wheat from the chaff. Taking medical advice from someone who has never said “turn your head and cough” is probably not wise. And I wouldn’t necessarily trust my doctor for a great recipe (although Dr. Mary Dan Eades would definitely be an exception!) There is some cross over and duplication.

Hey, I’m in the Wrong Category!

Let me know if your site is listed in the low carb and paleo links list, and you think you are in the wrong category.

I Want to be Included!

I welcome additions to the low carb and paleo sites list. There is no requirement to include a link back to my site, although I would apprecaite it. To be included, your site has to be primarily about low carb or paleo, and be active; I intend prune links that are not active every few months, unless they have a lot of important content on the site already. Just let me know in the comments, or by email, and I’ll consider you for inclusion.

Low Carb Daily to Close

Low Carb Daily, my daily low carb news aggregator, has suffered from an import script that is not well supported by the author. To be fair, he produced a great import program, and distributed it free of charge. But for the last three months, I have been unable to either edit or add new feeds due to a frustrating display problem in the admin panel.

I had established a “Single Site VPS” using a “Site Virtual Server” for Low Carb Daily, and it worked very well. It was fast, well behaved and stable. Its a great option for a busy site that you want to run on its own virtual server.

But the combination of admin panel problems and my current unemployment status argue against continuing Low Carb Daily past the domain name renewal in early August. Any low carb advocate who would like the domain name please email me.

The site has been moved back to my shared server, and all the prior posts removed. It will continue to populate the current subscribed feeds until I close it down. Closing will be no later than July 21, 2011, and probably before then as I make room on my server for more customer sites (I don’t oversell the space).

New Site: Low Carb Daily

Low Carb Daily is a new concept in Low Carb news; an aggregator that previews the most recent stories in the Low Carb blogosphere. The entire article is not reprinted, just the headline and lead paragraph. Links to the original article allow you to click through and read what interests you, on the original author’s site. This provides the easiest way to review the dozens of personal stories, articles and news generated every day in the Low Carb world.

Several features make the site unique:

  • Site Search: Search the latest articles for any current topic
  • MegaSearch: Search all Contributor’s Sites, and only their sites, for any topic, past or present
  • Categories: Sort all articles by the author’s category

The front page always displays the most recent articles, but you can sort the collection several different ways. The search method works, of course, but you can also display articles written by members of a particular category.

There are six categories based on the author. Advocates are low carb enthusiasts who contribute a tremendous amount of information to the low carb world. The Low Carb News category tracks the latest news in popular media about low carb topics, direct from Google News. Medical Blogs presents low carb articles written by medical doctors. In a similar vein, the Researchers category includes those with doctorates, or other advanced degrees. Personal Sites presents the posts by bloggers on their own low carb journey and Recipes shows you the latest from the low carb recipe sites.

Low Carb Daily also features a new Forum, not tied to a specific company or organization. Charter members can help design and build the community as an independent forum. As the site is brand new, there is no activity there yet.

Low Carb Daily is ad-supported, with free membership. Membership is only required to post in the Forum, but all of the rest of the site’s features can be enjoyed anonymously. Advertising on the site is intended to be non-intrusive and clearly marked. A Google ad is placed at the top of the page, and an Amazon Associate store features books and products for low carbers. Two ads appear in the sidebars for products from the store, clearly marked as “Shop!” items.

Low Carb Daily is sponsored by Low Carb Age and HOSTkabob.

News! Page Added

Low Carb Age has added a news aggregator to the site!

Our News! aggregator combs the internet looking for new blog posts, information and news about the low carb way of eating. Entries from paleo, primal, and low carb blogs appear daily, with small excerpts of the actual articles. Each link leads back to the original author’s site.

Low Carb Age News! is a great way to see what’s new today, and click through for those articles that interest you.

New MegaSearch Feature

Low Carb Age has partnered with Google to provide a customized search engine, the Low Carb Age MegaSearch. Internet searches usually provide results from the entire Internet, including all the sites run by promoters, hucksters and even those low fat advocates. But here’s an example of search results for “Fish Oil” in our MegaSearch page:

Targeted results mean less time weeding out the inappropriate links, and finding the information from the sources you trust. Our MegaSearch engine provides results from selected low carb sites, including:

About Low Carb Diets
At Darwin’s Table
Body by Science
Dr. Briffa
Dr. James Carlson’s Blog
Carb Wars
Diabetes Update
Heart Scan Blog
Hold the Toast
Livin’ La Vida Low Carb
Low Carb Age
Low Carb Confidential
Low Carb Doctors
Low Carb Links
Low Carb For You
Mark’s Daily Apple
Modern Paleo
Protein Power

Have a favorite low carb web site you want included? Let us know in the comments!

Site News: Feedburner

We’ve added Feedburner to publish our posts here at Low Carb Age. It should work “out of the box” and be “transparent” (and “one size fits all” isn’t a lie either). If you have any problems with the feeds, please let me know!

Thursday Round Up

A quick round up of site news and interesting blog posts today:

Et tu, Food Nazi?

Stargazy at Low-Carb for You sounds an alarm at something I have also become concerned about, the low-carb Food Nazis:

But as I look back on my recent blogposts and those of other bloggers, I have started to notice a more rigid, regimented (shall we say Nazi-like?) aspect to the world of low-carbing. Some examples:

* It’s good to eat fat, but be sure the fat has the right omega-3 to omega-6 ratio.
* It’s good to eat nonstarchy vegetables, but remember that broccoli has goitrogens and tomatoes are nightshades. And wheat, even whole wheat, contains many compounds that can damage the human digestive tract.
* It’s good to eat meat, but it should be grass fed, not grain fed.
* It’s good to eat eggs and chicken, but they need to be free range.
* It’s good to eat seafood, but watch out for the mercury.
* It’s good to avoid sugar, but it’s better to avoid artificial sweeteners as well.

Stargazy shares my concern that adding rules on top of rules make the low carb way of eating infinitely more complex, and will turn people away. My guess is that if you looked at the history of those expounding on the laudable but unnecessary extra rules, they are restrictions they have added after mastering the easy-peasy rules of low carb eating: eat adequate protein in every meal, and keep your carbs at about 10 grams per meal.

Really folks, you’ll get 99% of the benefit with those two rules: eat adequate protein and reduce carbs to 10 grams per meal. And if you never do anything else, you’ll get the vast majority of the benefits of a low carb lifestyle.

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disorder

A new research page has been added on Liver Disease. Our first linked article is from the British Journal of Radiology, and is a short term study of patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disorder. Eschewing the painful and laborious biopsy required for diagnosis this disorder, the researchers chose to use MRIs instead. Significant reductions in the amount of fat in the liver were observed in all suspects within 10 days (and some had significant reductions within 3 days). Anyone facing fatty liver issues should consider a low carb diet. As with all serious medical issues, you should talk to your doctor. You may have to insist on trying the low carb lifestyle because some doctors are resistant to the idea. If he doesn’t agree to do the necessary follow-ups, then find another doctor who will work with you.

Obesity: Can you be too thin?

Two studies alluded to in my post “Does Being Overweight Harm Your Health” have been linked on our Obesity research page.

The surprising results of these two studies, and others like them, is that being in the overweight category when measured by BMI is not harmful. You have the same statistical chance of living to the same age as normal weight people.

Making Sense of the Studies
What about studies that show cancer deaths are reduced for people in a certain weight class, or that deaths from diabetes are higher for people who are overweight? What the two studies linked show is that overall, in the general population, people’s lives average out longer if they are normal or overweight, but are much shorter if underweight or obese.

But you are not an average. So you have to look at your individual risk factors. In my case, I have high risk for diabetes because of my “syndrome X” or “metabolic syndrome” risk factors. My diet is designed to reduce those risk factors and so far, I’ve made good progress. If the end result is that I’m not diabetic but still a bit overweight, I’ll fret that my profile isn’t what it was when I was 17, but I’ll live as long as my thin brother. And I’ll enjoy life.

I could go beyond addressing my individual need, and work for a vanity outcome: thin as a Hollywood star. But I wouldn’t enjoy my life nearly as much. And I would die younger, according to the averages. Its small consolation that a bunch of overweight people will cry at my funeral.

Healthy has to be the goal, and healthy might mean different things to someone with different family histories or other risk factors. Weight alone is not the standard.

Do LC Diets Work Better for Weight Loss?

The eternal question, and subject to much debate, is if low carb (LC) diets do better at promoting weight loss. Today I’ve added a Research Page to collect links to studies showing the effect of low carb diets on Obesity.

The first study was tweeted by Dr. Michael Eades, Effects of two energy-restricted diets differing in the carbohydrate/protein ratio on weight loss and oxidative changes of obese men. Remember that in Europe, where this study originates, the term “energy” in this context means the same thing as “calorie” does in the US.

Very interesting.