Here are the links to my favorite low carb, paleo websites, sorted by category. Note that these sites are included in our MegaSearch search engine, a search engine that allows you to quickly see what any of them have said about any topic without wading through the useless information from “standard” websites.

Medical Sites

These sites are operated, or feature contributions from, medical doctors. Unless the author has actually said something like “Turn your head and cough” … at work, not during leisure time … they are not included below. This section, then, does not include non-medical doctors such as PhDs.


Researchers are trained in one or more disciplines related to human biology, health, nutrition or other related fields, with at least a Bachelor’s Degree or higher, and blog about the low carb / paleo lifestyle from a science perspective. Note that I do not include professionals in other disciplines such as engineering, etc., even if they publish non-peer reviewed research of their own.

Researchers from Other Fields

Researchers from other fields who have research-oriented articles on low carb / paleo topics. These are people trained in science, but in areas other than human biology, health, nutrition or related fields.


Advocates are prominent low carb / paleo enthusiasts who have contributed through the years to the understanding of issues surrounding human nutrition. This category includes the more commercialized personal sites that have large readership.

Personal Sites

Sites from a wide variety of contributors, some with advanced degrees, giving their personal story, recipes and advice. Others are the inspiring stories of personal triumph.

Recipe Sites

Fire up the grill and learn how to make delicious meals without amping up the carbs.

Sites Not Included

I do not list sites that are “anonymous”; each site must have a blog post or “about me” page that lists the person’s name and background. Why am I so picky? I found a few sites where the authors purport to be experts on an issue, express strong opinions, insult or disparage others, yet hide behind a cloak of anonymity. You see these folks in the comments of some of these listed sites, in forums, and elsewhere on the ‘net. While their comments may be as valuable as anyone’s, we simply don’t know who they are. For all we know, they may be pedophiles, drop outs, or prison inmates looking to compile of list of fat people to victimize when they get out.

If you are not confident enough in your opinions to state your name, then your opinions really don’t matter that much.

Hey, My Blog isn’t on the List!

Contact me with your URL, and which category you think your blog belongs in, and I will consider it for inclusion. You should be active, as I periodically prune sites that haven’t had new content in the last 6 months.

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