Low Carb Daily to Close

By , July 3, 2011

Low Carb Daily, my daily low carb news aggregator, has suffered from an import script that is not well supported by the author. To be fair, he produced a great import program, and distributed it free of charge. But for the last three months, I have been unable to either edit or add new feeds due to a frustrating display problem in the admin panel.

I had established a “Single Site VPS” using a “Site Virtual Server” for Low Carb Daily, and it worked very well. It was fast, well behaved and stable. Its a great option for a busy site that you want to run on its own virtual server.

But the combination of admin panel problems and my current unemployment status argue against continuing Low Carb Daily past the domain name renewal in early August. Any low carb advocate who would like the domain name please email me.

The site has been moved back to my shared server, and all the prior posts removed. It will continue to populate the current subscribed feeds until I close it down. Closing will be no later than July 21, 2011, and probably before then as I make room on my server for more customer sites (I don’t oversell the space).

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