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Do LC Diets Work Better for Weight Loss?

The eternal question, and subject to much debate, is if low carb (LC) diets do better at promoting weight loss. Today I’ve added a Research Page to collect links to studies showing the effect of low carb diets on Obesity.

The first study was tweeted by Dr. Michael Eades, Effects of two energy-restricted diets differing in the carbohydrate/protein ratio on weight loss and oxidative changes of obese men. Remember that in Europe, where this study originates, the term “energy” in this context means the same thing as “calorie” does in the US.

Very interesting.

Low Carb at Disneyland Park

I used to joke that my low-fat diet 10 years ago was very simple to follow: if it tastes good, spit it out. The low carb diet is exactly the opposite … while you miss some of the same things any diet denies you (ice cream, donuts, etc.), at least you have some pretty tasty things you can eat. So while a low carb diet is full of flavor, it can still be hard to adhere to it while in places like Disneyland.

Carbs, carbs, everywhere!

Before our recent trip I did a bit of research. I saw some reference to those huge turkey legs … sounds right up a carnivore’s alley, munching on a giant turkey leg and consuming all that protein. But I found out they are not low carb. One low carb poster at Low Carb Friends gained 8 pounds after her trip (she ate two). Its hard to find definitive information on the food in amusement parks, but the turkey legs are said to be marinated in a solution full of carbs (sugar, probably), and have over 1100 calories each. Yikes!

But there are places you can find low carb meals. In Disneyland, Red Rocket’s Pizza Port in Tomorrowland has a chicken Ceasar salad that fits the bill. It is “pre-made” with Ceasar dressing, so consider that (I counted the dressing as my 10 carbs per meal, and tossed all the croutons out). Salads are available in several of the other restaurants in the park. Bengal Barbeque in Adventureland has k-bobs with meat and veggie skewered; you can ask for no sauce on them, and they remain pretty tasty.

Downtown Disney has a number of eateries, with some fast food windows. The Mexican tacos can suffice if you are satisfied eating just the chicken or beef filling; its a small meal once you remove the tortillas. But a better bet is the Chef’s Salad or Chicken Ceasar Salad at most of the sit down restaurants.

In Disney’s California Adventure, Wine Country Trattoria in the Golden State area has a wonderful Chicken Bruschetta Salad … skip the tomatoes if you are in “induction” phase, and ask for the dressing on the side. I find if pick up a bit of salad with my fork, and dip the corner of the lettuce into the dressing on the side, I can get the taste of the dressing without consuming all the sugar it contains. This salad is a taste treat, with the cheese and wonderful greens (not to mention the chicken).

A variety of area restaurants have the usual fare, with most serving Chicken Ceasar Salads. Mimi’s Cafe, across Harbor Boulevard and near the Howard Johnsons, is said to have a pretty good salmon meal.

I found it relatively easy to remain on plan during the day, but carried some nuts and beef jerky for those times we stopped at the ubiquitous “outdoor vending carts” festooned with churros, ice cream and other diet killing goodies. Having something to munch on at those times is a big part of not feeling “left out”.