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Vitamin D and Cancer

One of the recommendations in the book Protein Power Life Plan is to get daily sun exposure, an idea that has some reviewers at Amazon.com clucking in horror. But the evidence is mounting that vitamin D and calcium play an important role in preventing many cancers:

GrassrootsHealth.net has a lot of information available on the new research, including citations to journal articles.

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, so you can build up toxic levels when taking supplements, but you have to work pretty hard to get there. The “RDA” is 400 IU, and toxicity is normally seen at levels above 17,000 IU. GrassrootsHealth recommends taking 2,000 IU per day to achieve a blood serum level of 40 – 60 ng/ml. But they stress you should do this under the care of a doctor, as certain conditions, such as primary hyperparathyroidism, sarcoidosis, tuberculosis, and lymphoma may preclude using any supplementation.

Or, you could get outside and play in the sunshine and fresh air, like mom always said.

Site Updates

We added a Heart Disease research page, linking in an important recent study showing low carb eating providing significant benefits.

And a new article has been added to our Diabetes research page.

I evaluated and added three new links. These links are to sites I think provide high quality information. I try to avoid the overly commercial sites hawking their own goods with little additional content. You’ll find these sites updated frequently with interesting content.

First, a medical blog, Dr Biffa. Dr. Biffa is a British physician with an active practice where the low carb lifestyle is actively promoted.

Next up, the blog for the movie Fat Head. That may seem like an unusual choice, but writer/comedian Tom Naughton brings both humor and clear writing to the subject, a great combination.

Finally, Laura Dolson’s resource rich About.com Low Carb Diets site. There is a blog there that is frequently updated, but Laura also provides recipes, links to articles, a low carb glossary, and more.