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Greate Diabetes Resource

Another great resource for those with type I or II diabetes, LADA diabetes or low carb dieters interested in the peer-reviewed research is created and maintained by Janet “Jenny” Ruhl at http://www.phlaunt.com, and is called “Blood Sugar 101.”

Jenny explains the reason the site exists:

After losing 30 pounds with a low carb diet, I have maintained that weight for many years. My current BMI is within the normal range for my height. At one point I exercised daily for a year and got my body fat down to 24%, which put me into the “Fitness” category for a woman my age. Despite what my doctors had told me, weight loss and intense fitness didn’t do a thing for my blood sugars, which got worse.

This raised my curiosity. I started tracking through the research articles available for free on the web. (many of them, now, alas, are no longer free, but I was lucky that I started my research back in 2004 when they were.)

The information I found, much of it differing dramatically from what doctors were telling patients about what caused diabetes and how it should be treated, became the kernel of this web site. My goal was to answer these questions: What do scientists actually know about Type 2 diabetes? Why do doctors miss diabetes diagnoses until long after people already have diabetic complications? And what blood sugar levels are truly low enough to prevent further damage to the organs and beta cells?

The site is a treasure trove of information. While Low Carb Age attempts to provide the latest news chronicling the end of the low fat craze, Jenny’s site provides a wide and expansive view of the research spanning back decades. Under the general heading of blood sugar control, Jenny ventures into nearly every area a low carb dieter is concerned about. The site is extensive enough to have been put out in book format:

Jenny maintains a blog also at Diabetes Update where new information is presented.

Both the blog and the Blood Sugar 101 website are highly recommended.

Low Carb Diets – Evidence Mounts

We added a few more links to our Research Pages, including two new studies showing that a low carb diet works better than the traditional low fat diet for metabolic syndrome (scroll to bottom for the section on metabolic syndrome).

I found these studies through a column that is good, but not great. The LA Examiner online has an article about low carb diets and CHD (coronary heart disease). The studies they link to regarding inflammation at the Cleveland Clinic do not mention high carbohydrate diets at all. It is a bit misleading; the author states categorically that inflammation is caused by several factors including “over consumption of processed carbohydrates”, and then links to the Cleveland Clinic article. But I cannot find that sentiment on any of the Cleveland Clinic’s linked pages; they advocate the low fat, high complex carbohydrate diet instead.

The article is valuable for the links to other studies and resources that do connect a low carb diet to reduced inflammation. If the reader checked the Cleveland Clinic source and went no further, he would have to conclude the author is incorrect and may dismiss the article. So check out the other links and information provided.

Site Updates

We added a Heart Disease research page, linking in an important recent study showing low carb eating providing significant benefits.

And a new article has been added to our Diabetes research page.

I evaluated and added three new links. These links are to sites I think provide high quality information. I try to avoid the overly commercial sites hawking their own goods with little additional content. You’ll find these sites updated frequently with interesting content.

First, a medical blog, Dr Biffa. Dr. Biffa is a British physician with an active practice where the low carb lifestyle is actively promoted.

Next up, the blog for the movie Fat Head. That may seem like an unusual choice, but writer/comedian Tom Naughton brings both humor and clear writing to the subject, a great combination.

Finally, Laura Dolson’s resource rich About.com Low Carb Diets site. There is a blog there that is frequently updated, but Laura also provides recipes, links to articles, a low carb glossary, and more.